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Pro Autoresponder

Free Autoresponder

SalesPage w/ Paypal 

Commission Junction

YouTube Video Bar

Google AdSense

.tel Contact Mgr

Download & Installation Instructions
Simply click a link in the column to the left to download the software (.zip) package of your choice. Upload to your plug-ins
directory and follow the instructions.

Every plug-in comes with it's own Dynamic
Widget as well as code for alternative
manual installation.

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Do you have a special need for a custom Wordpress plugin. We can design your plugin to your specifications.

Do you require a mashup combining the resources of two separate web services or something custom for your web application?.

 Perhaps you want a plugin to scrape the current Google Top (Most Popular) Music Search Keywords to display your Amazon Affiliate Links for these CD's?

Maybe you'd like to do the same with your local Best Seller List and your Amazon links or how about any other Commission Junction Affiliate program you are a member of? more info